Why Logos Matter


So why should you choose Logo Monster to design your logo?


When you have a logo designed for your company, that new logo will represent everything that you offer, it will represent you as people and it will represent your company and how it is perceived, but it will also greatly affect which demographics and groups your company appeals to and communicates with. This is a big deal.

The most important aspect of understanding the worth of a good company identity, starting with a logo, is that you will be investing a lot of money into the application of your logo.

You may start out small, with only a few employees, and a company van, but the plan with any business is to grow. As you grow, the application of your logo becomes more expensive. You may start branding uniforms, and issuing business cards for each employee. Then there’s signage and decorated company vehicles, and merchandising. Then consider if you are selling physical materials. Will there be packaging? Do the products themselves have your logo on them? Then there’s the reality of all the contracts and legal documents bearing your company name and logo.

You don’t want to start out your company with an amateur logo only to grow your company successfully and then have to spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars to re-brand later. All those legal documents bearing your current logo will have to be redone with your new logo along with the signage and company vehicles etc. Re-branding can get quite expensive.

You’re better off starting out with a professionally designed logo and branding package that will see you through the growth of your company.

No company ever really plans on re-branding. They just find out one day that they’re losing money with a logo that is limiting their growth into new markets. It’s best to get a logo that will grow with you and your business.

Here at Logo Monster, we understand just what’s at stake, and with our many years of experience we can deliver an identity that will see your company through its growth into bigger more profitable markets.


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