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Why You Might Need A New Website

In the past few years, a lot of changes have taken place on the Internet with regards to search engines and how they profile and rank websites.Every year these companies, like Google, have to alter the way they index and  prioritize websites in their search results. It used to be that websites that got the most traffic appeared in the top results on Google. This isn’t the case anymore.
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Trademarks – Protecting Your Logo

We’ve all see the letters TM next to logos.
What does it mean and why do they put it there?

As many of you know, these initials stand for “Trade Mark”, “Trademark” or in Canadian legal terms, “Trade-Mark”. It’s a legal term informing the public that this logo is protected by law and as such can’t be copied, duplicated or used without legal permission from the owner.

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Brand Awareness. How Your Logo Can Work For Or Against You.

Choosing a good logo takes a lot of research and a comprehensive understanding of the markets and demographics you wish to succeed in. It’s simply not enough to pick a logo design that you find attractive. Your logo needs to appeal to the people, market or specific demographic you are trying to attract. Each group will respond to different visual cues and aesthetics. You have to keep in mind that this is business. Having an artsy logo is great, but if your logo doesn’t appeal to the markets that you would like to sell to, then it could greatly limit your income and your companies growth.

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What Kind Of Logo Do I Need?


Illustrated? Simple? Descriptive? Clever?

Well there are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself first:

  1. Who is the intended audience and how can your logo be leveraged to create more income for your company?
  2. Will it work on merchandise? If so, what kinds of merchandise? – Pens? T-Shirts? Your products?
  3. Can you make more money from merchandising, or is that not an avenue that fits with your business model?

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Read on if you’re curious how Logo Monster can help your business grow in different ways.

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